Saturday, May 22, 2010

6x16 "What They Died For" Alternate 2004

1. It seems that cut Jack had at the start of the season is getting worse. Shouldn't that have healed by now.

2. David's telling Jack not to get weird if we see the as of yet to be named mother. Is it because she's dating somebody new?

3. Wait a second, Desmond totally crank called Jack. Jack's not gonna like what he's being led to.

4. The way Desmond punches Ben triggers Ben's memories of the original reality.

5. It would seem that Ben has the same injuries he incurred during his altercation with Desmond last season.

6. Meanwhile, Locke's call to the LAPD gets routed to the same precinct that Sawyer and Miles work at.

7. I'm beginning to think that Desmond knows where exactly everybody is at any given time in this universe. There is no way he could know that they had Kate and Sayid in the same place.

8. "We insist. Even if we have to kidnap you." These writers sure have a strange sense of humor.

9. So John's speech to Jack sounds like John is becoming a man of faith.

10. Sawyer believes Kate's innocence? Does that mean Kate is innocent in this timeline?

11. Ana Lucia's the one taking the bribe. It really is like a class reunion!

6x16 "What They Died For" Island

1. A nod to the pilot as Jack stitches up Kate with a needle and a thread.

2. So how does one kill the smoke Monster? Is it even possible?

3. So Miles found himself standing on what would be Alex's grave. Seems he can still hear whispers after all this time.

4. Who told Ben that room could summon the Monster?

5. And finally, the long awaited reunion between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore.

6. If Jacob truly visited Widmore, then it could explain the nightmares Widmore claimed to be having in "The Shape of Things to Come."

7. As sad as it sounds, Sawyer did in fact kill Sun, Jin and Sayid by pulling the wires.

8. Why did young Jacob appear to Hurley instead of adult Jacob?

9. Looks like Alpert was wrong about Locke wanting him to join his side.

10. Ah, Ben. So eager to sacrifice Charles Widmore.

11. So Ben kills Widmore before Widmore can tell Locke about his plan to use Desmond?

12. So this episode confirms that the Whispers can appear in human form to one or more persons at a time.

13. So Jacob chose the people he chose because their lives were meaningless off the Island.

14. Kate's name was crossed off because she had to raise Aaron.

15. With no hesitation, Jack chooses the job as Protector of the Island.

16. Does the bamboo prevent non-Protectors from getting near the light?

17. How is Desmond going to prevent Locke from leaving the Island?

18. How is Desmond going to help Locke destroy the Island?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6x15 "Across the Sea"

1. If what the women we know as "Mother," is telling the truth, there is nobody on the Island, who's roots or ancestry is truly from the Island.

2. I think Mother may have brought Claudia's ship to the Island.

3. Claudia's first child is named Jacob. However, since she did not know she was carrying twins, she was not able to pick a name for her second child. The second child would simply be known as "Brother."

4. It looks like the board game is a precursor to Backgammon.

5. Mother tells the young Brother that he is special. Does she believe him to be her replacement at this point?

6. According to Mother, death is something Brother won't have to worry about.

7. Mother is the guardian of the Source. It's essentially the same light that exists inside of every human being. The people who come to the Island, are looking for the Source.

8. Why could Brother see Claudia, but not Jacob?

9. Is Claudia the Monster or a Whisper?

10. Why does Mother believe that the Others are bad?

11. So 30 years later, Jacob and Brother still meet and play their game. Brother is using them to find a way off the Island.

12. And it would seem that he has found his way off. Brother was the one who dug the many wells throughout the Island, investigating the magnetism.

13. The way Jacob told Mother about Brother's plan, it's clear Jacob was spying for her the whole time.

14. The way to leave the Island: build what we would learn to be "the frozen donkey wheel." It uses a system that channels the water and the light, and when turned, it will enable the user to leave.

15. Drinking the wine is the ceremony that allows one to become the protector of the Island.

16. Entering the light makes one "worse then death." Did Mother even know what could happen?

17. So by herself, Mother torched the entire settlement that was on the Island. What exactly did she do?

18. In his rage, Brother killed Mother, in retaliation, Jacob dragged Brother into the light, killing him as well, and releasing the Monster. Jacob returned Brother's body to the cave, placing it beside Mother, and the two would soon be known as Adam and Eve.

19. Now, what I have to say next is speculation. The Monster, is NOT Brother. In the few times we've seen Jacob and the Monster together in events prior to "The Incident," the Monster appears in the form of Brother. Notice how Jacob refers to him as "My Friend" and not "My Brother." It is clearly a different entity, which preferred to use that form when it talked to Jacob.

6x14 "The Candidate" Alternate 2004

1. So the title of this episode refers to John Locke's potential to be eligible for a paralysis-reversing surgery.

2. The way Bernard talks about their encounter on Oceanic 815, it seems like he knows more then he's letting on.

3. Why does Bernard remember Anthony Cooper? Did Locke tell Bernard something after the emergency surgery?

4. It's funny how Jack still feels the need to fix Locke after saving his life, but he's still the "Man of Faith" in this episode.

5. In this reality, Anthony Cooper is trapped in a vegetative state. If he is the same man who conned Sawyer's parents, what will Sawyer do if he finds him?

6. In Locke's sleep he says, "push the button;" and "I wish you had believed me." Is he starting to remember the Island now consciously now?

7. One thing that's still the same is the way Christian Shepherd died: alcohol poisoning.

8. And now Jack and Claire know that they were on the same flight.

9. Christian wanted Claire to have the music box, because it plays "Catch a Falling Star," a song he sang to Claire when she was little.

10. John Locke is a plane crash survivor. He must have had to have gone through a great deal of therapy in order to be able to fly on a plane again.

11. Because Anthony Cooper was on the plane John Locke was piloting, Locke punishes himself by not allowing any chance for himself to get better.

12. Now it's Jack's turn to say, "I wish you believed me." I really love the role reversal in this reality.

6x14 "The Candidate" Island

1. With Locke and the remaining candidates on Hydra Island, he's now one step closer to leaving.

2. Again, why isn't Kate a candidate anymore? What did she do that made Jacob cross her name off?

3. Locke's lying. He can't kill the candidates himself. If he could, that would have been the first thing he did after Jacob died.

4. And now, Jin had his ring back.

5. The Monster knew how to disarm the C4 form having scanned Locke's back in "Walkabout." Remember in "Enter 77," Locke was able to successfully remove a block of C4 from the Flame.

6. Is it possible that Ben and Alpert were the ones who planted the C4?

7. And right before they take the submarine, Locke switches their backpacks. How come Jack didn't notice. There had to have been a weight difference plus the straps might feel different, etc.

8. Locke looked like his arms were having spasms as he pulled himself out of the water.

9. Jack is right. Locke can't kill them, but if someone were to tamper with the bomb that Locke planted, it would trigger the explosion.

10. What does Sayid mean by saying, "it's going to be you, Jack." Is Jack the true replacement for Jacob?

11. How ironic that Sayid, who Sawyer once accused of causing the plane crash, actually committed a suicide bombing to save everyone else.

12. So Jin chooses to stay with Sun for their final moments together while everyone else leaves the sub.

13. Sayid, Jin, Sun, and Lapidus are all dead. Now only Jack and Sawyer are the only two remaining candidates.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

6x13 "The Last Recruit" Alternate 2004

1. How ironic that Ben Linus is escorting Locke to the hospital, when Ben originally killed Locke in the original timeline.

2. Sun seems to be remembering Locke as the monster from the original timeline.

3. Why does Kate insist on her innocence? Did her mother commit the murder this time?

4. I have to say that I like the romantic tension between Sawyer and Kate in this timeline. It feels like season one allover again.

5. There certain things I'm willing to believe about this show, but I can't believe that Desmond knew that Ilana was looking for Claire. There is just no way Desmond could have obtained that information unless he endangered attorney-client privilege.

6. Surprise, surprise, Sayid is arrested by Sawyer and Miles. More and more people are coming together now.

7. It seems that Jack and David are trying to be closer in the wake of the events in "Lighthouse," and it seems like it's working.

8. Sun and her baby have survived their ordeal. I didn't mention this in the last blog, but if Sun's stayed faithful to Jin in this timeline, then it means that Jin can have children. Sun also doesn't seem to remember having remembered Locke in the other timeline.

9. In this episode, Jack is remembering John Locke from the plane, and not from the original timeline.

6x13 - "The Last Recruit" Island

1. So Christian Shepherd was the monster? Then why did he refer to Jack as his son when he was in Christian's form? Furthermore, was that the monster that appeared to Jack in "Something Nice Back Home," or was that truly the ghost of Christian Shepherd?

2. How is it that hearing Locke's word means instant allegiance? According to Jacob, there's still a concept of free will. Everyone has to make a choice.

3. How is Widmore able to firebomb the Island? Why would he for that matter? If the Island is destroyed, wouldn't that enable Locke to leave the Island?

4. So this time, Sawyer and Kate get on the boat together. Unlike near the end of season one where they were fighting for a spot on the raft.

5. If Locke wanted Desmond dead, why didn't he kill himself? Is Desmond a candidate, unable to be killed by the Monster?

6. So Sayid's not completely souless if he was able to spare Desmond? And who or what exactly brought Sayid back to life?

7. How exactly did Locke find the Elizabeth? The last we ever saw of it, Ben's people commandeered it, and it was presumably taken to Hydra Island.

8. In contrast to, "There's No Place Like Home," Jack is the one who jumps off into the ocean instead of Sawyer.

9. At long last, Sun and Jin are reunited.

10. The sound Jack hears when the bombs drop is similar to what Charlie hears in "Live Together, Die Alone."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6x12 "Everybody Loves Hugo" Alternate 2004

1. Hurley's spent so much money, his name is synonymous with Donald Trump.

2. Hurley's mother is exactly the same with Hurley and women in this reality.

3. Hurley actually mistook Libby for Rosalita in the restaurant.

4. She's at the same mental hospital that she and Hurley were at in the original reality.

5. Desmond's trying to get Hurley and Libby together. It would seem that Desmond's goal is to unite the 815 passengers. I guess that would make him this reality's Jacob.

6. All it took for Libby to remember Hurley in her other life was to see him on TV. She must have had the same feelings for him that Daniel had for Charlotte. However, seeing Libby didn't trigger Hurley's memories of the Island. Different people have different triggers, it would seem.

7. So Hurley in spite of Libby's outrageous story (outrageous to Hurley anyway), he takes her out on a date. Great move! Date the crazy girl who digs you.

8. But all joking aside, Hurley did make sure to bring a blanket for the beach picnic this time.

9. Is it possible that the original reality's Libby is experiencing flashes of the alternate reality? Is that why she was watching Hurley at the end of "Dave?"

10. The kiss on the beach triggered Hurley's memories of his other life.

11. And Desmond is watching with interest. What does he plan to do after he unites everybody?

12. Haha, Ben suspected Desmond of being a pedophile.

13. The next stage in Desmond's plan, run over John Locke. Locke is left with the same facial injuries as when he fell from Anthony Cooper's hotel room. Desmond must be hoping that Locke will be brought to Jack's hospital.

6x12 "Everybody Loves Hugo" Island

1. So in all the time Hurley's talked to the dead, Libby's never come to visit him.

2. Hurley's latest visit is from Michael. Given that we hear the famous whispers before his appearance, I'd say the whispers are from people who died on the Island.

3. Ilana just died in the same fashion as Arzt. Why isn't there any on Hurley's shoulder?

4. So Desmond seems to have no idea that Locke is not actually Locke. Is he confused from his trip to the alternate reality.

5. Ben has a spiteful way of thinking about the Island in light of Ilana's death. He once thought the Island was done with him too.

6. Does Miles really not realize that Hurley actually sees ghosts?

7. This is the second time Locke has saw a child who shouldn't be there. Are those boys actually a young Jacob and Smoke Monster?

8. Why does Hurley believe he needs to talk to Locke? What could he say that could impact the situation?

9. Well Jack's finally learning to let go and let people fix themselves. If only he could have done that sooner, he'd be a lot happier.

10. "If you ever do see Libby again, tell her I'm sorry." - Michael. But Ana Lucia seemed to be able to talk to Libby from beyond the grave. Does that mean that the ghosts of people off the Island are those of people who moved on, and those Hurley sees on the Island are only people who haven't?

11. The well that Locke takes Desmond to is similar to the on that would later become the Orchid. Was there one at the site of the Swan?

12. The wells were dug to investigate the electromagnetism on the Island. Who else had done that before the DHARMA Initiative. Could the people Jacob brought to the Island have done it?

13. So Desmond is thrown down the well, in a sense, right back where he started when we first met him on the Island.

14. Just because Locke gave Hurley his word that he wouldn't attack the people in Hurley's camp, does that mean he would keep it? He's not Jacob after all.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

6x11 - "Happily Ever After" Alternate 2004

1. The large amount of electromagnetism transferred Desmond's consciousness into the alternate reality.

2. Hurley noticed Desmond on the 815. That means that he wasn't popping in and out of this reality. There is in fact an alternate Desmond Hume.

3. George Minkowski is Desmond's driver. That's meant to be an homage to the revival of the Prisoner.

4. In this reality, Desmond is heavily invested in his work, to the point where it has earned him a place as Charles Widmore's "right hand man."

5. So Charlie was on the plane to perform with Daniel Widmore (NOT Faraday) at an event run by Eloise Widmore.

6. Widmore shares his valuable whiskey with Desmond. This is the same whiskey that he wouldn't even let Desmond touch in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."

7. This reality's Charlie remembered the original reality on a more conscious level (primarily Claire) as a result of his near death experience on the plane. It's a shame that he didn't see her on the plane.

8. In Charlie's second suicide attempt, he presses his hand up against the car window in the same fashion as he did in "Through the Looking Glass." This action trigger's Desmond's memory of his other life, as he recalls Charlie having written "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand at the end of that episode.

9. The MRI also triggers memories of Desmond's relationship with Penelope Widmore in his other life.

10. Why is Charlie running out of the hospital? What does he believe he's looking for?

11. Eloise Widmore is very ambiguous. On the one hand she seems to have the same universal knowledge that she had in the original reality. It seems like she knew that Driveshaft wasn't going to perform to begin with (even though she flipped out at a caterer for not knowing how to set a table), and then she blocks Desmond from looking at a list almost as though she's trying to block him from finding Penelope Widmore.

12. Daniel Widmore awakened his memories of his other life with his random encounter with Charlotte. It caused him to remember his love for her on a more conscious level. That event also triggered his knowledge of quantum mechanics as well. I wonder if Daniel could remember his death on the Island.

13. Penny seems to have a habit of running in the same stadium where Desmond and Jack first met.

14. Touching Penny's hand seems to have brought Desmond's memory of the Island entirely to the surface. Now he believes that he must unite the passengers of Oceanic 815.

6x11 - "Happily Ever After" Island

1. How did Charles Widmore get anywhere near Desmond in the hospital? I wonder if Penny is looking for him off the Island.

2. I hate to call the writers out, but the "generator room" they put Desmond in, is inspired by Dr. Manhattan's origin story (Watchmen).

3. Why did the DHARMA Initative have a high powered Electro-Magnet on Hydra Island?

4. Touching Penny in the alternate reality brought Desmond back to this world.

5. What does Desmond think he has to do?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

6x10 - "The Package" Alternate 2004

1. In this reality, Jin and Sun aren't married. Jin, however, still works for Mr. Paik.

2. They are still in a relationship, and very much in love.

3. Sun seems to have no idea that her father is a shady businessman with dealings all over the world.

4. Sun still wants to run away to America, and she wants to take Jin with her.

5. So Keamy came to get Sun and Jin at their hotel. I guess that's what happens when you stand up a gangster.

6. Did Mr. Paik close Sun's bank account because of her relationship with Jin? I guess she's on the outs with him.

7. Oh wow. Jin was coned into paying Keamy to kill him. Mr. Paik is a cruel bastard.

8. Following the bloodbath from "Sundown" all Sayid leaves Jin with is a box-cutter to free himself.

9. Jin shot Mikhail in his bad eye.

10. Sun is pregnant, and she got shot? Wasn't she drinking champaign earlier?

6x10 - "The Package" Island

In UnLocke's camp

1. So UnLocke needs all of the surviving candidates at the time of Jacob's death to leave the Island with him in order to leave.

2. Sayid claims to not feel anything. Is that the result of being infected?

3. Widmore's people capturing Jin is like watching the Others capture 815 survivors in "The Other 48 Days."

4. So Locke plans to allow Claire to kill Kate if she so chooses.

Ilana's camp.

1. Ah Sun's garden. It takes me back to season two.

2. UnLocke is determined to unite both Jin and Sun. Although according to a recent podcast, the cave with the names may have been meant to be a dummy list for UnLocke. That could very well mean that both Jin and Sun are candidates to replace Jacob.

3. In her flight from UnLocke, Sun hit her head and trauma caused her to lose the ability to speak English, although she can still understand it.

4. So Alpert has confirmed that the plane is the only way off the Island for UnLocke.

Hydra Island

1. Jin wakes up in Room 23. The same room that Karl was trapped inside back in "Not In Portland."

2. So Jin helped the DHARMA Initiative map out the Island for electromagnetism pockets. I assume the spot where the Swan Hatch was to be built is where it is the strongest.

3. UnLocke and Sayid both left for Hydra Island but only UnLocke can be seen. Where is Sayid?

4. So UnLocke is really there to get Jin back. He must be a candidate.

5. Sun brought a camera containing pictures of Ji Yeon. Jin's seen her for the very first time.

6. And the final twist, Widmore's package is Desmond David Hume.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6x09 "Ab Aeterno" Flashback

At long last we finally get Richard Alpert's story. I've been waiting for this episode for a very long time.

1. Canary Islands, 1867. Richard is 240 years old!

2. His sick wife Isabelle gave him her cross before he went to the doctor.

3. Ah 1860's healthcare. When the doctors had the attitudes of insurance companies.

4. In his rage, Richard accidently killed the doctor. That bottle of sand in his hand is a bottle he showed young Locke in his test in "Cabin Fever."

5. And sadly, Richard couldn't make it back to Isabella in time.

6. Ah the corrupt practices of Catholic priests. Refusing to absolve one of their sin right before his execution.

7. Richard had been teaching himself and his wife English in the hopes of making a trip to the New World.

8. Richard was drafted into slave labor on the Black Rock, under the command of Magnus Hanso.

9. When the Black Rock came to the Island, it rode a wave so high it crashed through the statue. It must have been a tidal wave.

10. The officers of the Black Rock chose to kill the slaves in order to preserve their supplies. Ouch.

11. The Monster stepped in at the exact moment and wound up saving Richard's life. It scanned his mind the same way it did Eko, and used it to conjure up the image of Isabelle.

12. Using the lie that the Island is hell, the man in black convinces Richard that Jacob is the Devil. His claim that he must kill Jacob before he can speak sounds like Dogen's claim that Sayid must kill UnLocke before he can speak.

13. Man in Black also claims that Jacob took his body. Does that mean their true forms switched at some point?

14. Jacob seems to recognize the knife that Richard was given.

15. Why did Jacob resist when Richard tried to kill him but roll over when Ben came to kill him at the end of last season?

16. According to Jacob, the Island is a Pandora's Box of sorts. But if that's the case, the fact still remains that the Man in Black (assuming he's telling the truth) was human at one time.

17. Jacob brings people to try and prove that humans aren't corrupted. People truly get a new life on the Island.

18. However, Jacob doesn't want to interact with the people he brings because they must make the right choice themselves.

19. Jacob offered Richard the job of being his representative. The pay: immortality. However Jacob could not offer absolution for Richard's past sins, which leads me to believe that he is NOT God.

20. Richard was sent to deliver a white stone to the Man in Black, and he in turn was given Isabella's cross.

6x09 "Ab Aeterno" Present

1. In Ilana's flashback, we learn that she was expected to bring the candidates to Richard, as he was supposed to know what to do. Obviously Jacob died before he could tell Richard what needed to be done next.

2. It seems that Richard reverted back to believing that the Island is actually Hell in light of Jacob's death. He actually tried to leave the camp to join Locke.

3. So Hurley's visitations are no longer done in "secret." The dead people come to talk to him practically in front of everybody else.

4. Hurley's latest visit: Isabella.

5. Richard's willingness to believe that Isabella is standing next to him allows for him to hear and feel her standing next to him.

6. Isabella's last words is that Richard must stop the Man in Black from leaving the Island, or else "we all go to Hell." What happens if he's able to leave?